Preventative Dental Care

One of the best ways to ensure the health of your teeth is to have biannual cleanings and exams. We naturally have over 700 species of bacteria living in our mouth!  Brushing and flossing alone is not enough to prevent these bacteria from causing plaque, tartar, or decay. Even if you have excellent home hygiene habits, it is still important to have a professional cleaning done twice a year.  You will never get them as clean as we can!

During your routine dental cleaning, we will do an in-depth evaluation of your gum health that includes monitoring for any bone loss or gum recession. Yearly x-rays will be taken to check for decay and bone loss around your teeth. This allow us to see areas of your teeth that are impossible to view clinically. This evaluation gives us the best chance of catching any issues with your teeth before it gives you a toothache!  An oral cancer screening will also be performed during your cleaning visit. Oral cancer commonly goes undiagnosed in people who are not receiving routine dental care!

Our hygienists will do everything to make your cleaning a comfortable and relaxed experience while tailoring your cleaning to your individual needs.  Together, you and the hygienist can develop a home care routine to keep your teeth healthy and white.